Apartment Sol

ideal for 2-5 persons

the steps lead to the spacious roof terrace 


roof terrace  with BBQ, 2 sunchairs, table and chairs - 1 hamock for 2 persons 
                                                     ALL DAY SUN

... if the apartments are rented as unit, we will provide a long table and 9 chairs...

...in the outside kitchen, there is possibility to wash the dishes, as well it is possible to cook here while preparing the BBQ

 ... over the roofs and the "muralha" historical citty wall, BBQ and outdoor kitchen

sala with eating area , you will find a 2 flame induction-hob (mobile)  and a 1 flame induction-hob mobile; water heater, little oven (on request), kettle,toaster, fridge with ice-part and dish-washer


the table is extendable on both sides, there are more 3 chairs in the apartment

you will find everything you need

the corridor between the rooms

In the tiny lazer-room, there is the TV , this room can be used as single-room

 Desinge of the APARTMENT SOL:
(from left to right/up to down)
Quintal from 1st-floor ap.Quinta.
Kitchen with eating-area
1.Bedroom (double-bed)
2.Bathroom (washing-machine)
3.Bedroom (double-bed)
4.Small laser-room, can be used as single-room
5.Upstairs spacious roofterrace, with BBQ, you can use the 1 flame induction-hob (mobile)



1st bed-room with double bed / we pay much attention to the comfort of the matraces


2nd bed-room with double bed

bathroom with shower and washing-machine

as well here we put a lot of attation the nice styling... 
the sink is a handformed marmel stone

the entrance steps - 1st floor

location see A


Pricelist Klick

Short description:
1 sala with dining-area
1 small lazer-room with TV (or single-room)
2 bedrooms (double-bed)
1 bath (shower)
1 sun terrace

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